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a bit about the shop

We firmly believe that mid-twentieth century design "does not have to be unaffordable to be desirous";  that owning a piece of classic, post-war design should not be aspirational, but rather achievable.  By celebrating the generic designs of unknown makers, as well as the designs of highly-regarded designers and manufacturers, our focused approach to sourcing irrespective of designer or country of origin allows us to offer items to suit a variety of budgets, styles and tastes.

a bit about us

HAUSSMITH is owned by Rachel Keeley, a mid-century modern enthusiast, collector and hoarder, one-time author of CHAIRSMITH - a blog dedicated solely to mid-century modern chair design - a contributor to Midcentury Magazine - an independent UK-based magazine that celebrates the best of twentieth century interiors, furniture and architecture - and current author of the HAUSSMITH blog.